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Communications Design can provide IP Cameras and camera system feeds to all devices

At Communications Design we are the leading CCTV system supplier & CCTV installer of the latest ranges of IP security cameras by Avigilon CCTV, Grundig CCTV, Samsung CCTV. We also offer a complete cctv systems design to installation & commissioning of IP cctv systems with an amazing variety of devices and solutions that CCTV streaming can be fed to.
Many clients and customers looking for the best IP security camera & the best outdoor IP cameras don't know that at Midland CCTV sales we can take your existing camera set up and install network CCTV equipment on the back end to allow you to stream your existing CCTV camera. However if you are in the market for IP cameras and you are looking up IP CCTV camera reviews online, look no further ! We have the best IP cameras, best IP CCTV camera, best IP security camera & best outdoor IP cameras, bar none.

Our range of IP CCTV cameras & IP CCTV systems are from the leading technology suppliers - Avigilon IP CCTV Cameras, Grundig IP CCTV Cameras & Samsung IP CCTV systems. We have the complete range of the best IP cameras from each manufacturer and also the network switches to match the requirement exactly, from a small 'couple of cameras' cctv system to a full size network location with multiple CCTV Cameras of all types including - Outdoor cameras, PTZ Cameras, Indoor CCTV Cameras - bullet cameras, domes, mini domes - These larger systems and CCTV system designs may require remote control, feeds to multiple locations or certain CCTV cameras streamed to one location & others to a different 'destination'. For example if you have a shopping centre with large multi CCTV camera system with many different CCTV Camera types, The outdoor IP cameras need to be streamed to the remote monitoring security company such as NetWatch, G4S, RE Sure etc. but the indoor cameras need to be streamed to the headquaters of the owners of the shopping centre - security department, No problem, We can offer an IP camera CCTV system designed to meet your particular requirements exactly. Even if you want to seperate the car park outdoor IP security camera or have an outdoor wireless IP Camera all is feasible with the tech. available today. All traditional network standards & the latest security protocols are employed in a system designed by our team. Our security specialist can take any existing Camera both analogue or digital, Outdoor IP CCTV camera or Indoor IP CCTV camera, multiple cameras or locations and provide an IP CCTV stream, similarly 99% of devices, screens, phones & browers can take the IP CCTV system or camera feed.
Brought to you by Communications Design Ltd - Midland CCTV Sales have inovative solutions for a range of IP video & IP camera feeds, all of our leading IP CCTV systems including indoor CCTV cameras and outdoor CCTV, HD CCTV Cameras and everything from multiple Ip CCTV camera systems to single CCTV Cameras can be connected to our CCTV Streaming systems - allows you to share live audio/video from your network IP camera and embed it into your website or a range of differnt media devices and outputs. The video below is of a live auction that was streamed from Roscommon Mart cattle auction the technology is available to meet live video CCTV streaming for Religious events, Sporting events, Live venue streaming, Product promotion, live streaming of auctions, Security monitoring. Call Michael Murray at Midland CCTV Sales to discuss the details of your Ip camera requirement for all applications.
For further details on IP Camera systems :Contact Communications design

Communications Design offer 24 hour monitoring of your business - 365 days per year. Remote montior your CCTV Camera or have a professional team providing 24 hour monitoring of your IP CCTV camera feed to ensure Action is taken as soon as someone is on the premisis.

Our wide range of CCTV security cameras, Outdoor IP Cameras, wireless CCTV camera and Ip cc tv systems have been installed by CDL in all major urban centers in Ireland Including: Athlone | Athenry | Ashbourne | Ballina | Ballinasloe | Castlebar | Cork | Dublin | Galway | Limerick | Mullingar | Newbridge | Navan | Portlaoise | Sligo

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For further details :Contact Communications design

IP CCTV camera systems and IP CCTV streaming to your device. Your video, where you want it !

So what can be done with your IP CCTV camera feed or 'video feed' ?
What are the main applications for IP cameras ? (although the term video feed implies a recorded CCTV image and the ip cameras feed is streamed live to your chosen display device whilst being recorded on your dvr if that is part of your CCTV camera system). The techonlogy is quite a number of years in use however mostly for large network IP cctv security & central control - or remote monitoring of locations by companies such as Netwatch, G4S, RE SURE etc. - though similar to any new tech. the price & accessibility has come down with time. Now having your single CCTV camera hooked up over IP from home, or a cattle shed, shop - workshop, basically anywhere and streamed to your device is very affordable and Midland CCTV sales can provide you with all you need to monitor what you need to protect most. Some of the latest features of IP CCTV streaming & IP cameras are:
  • Physical recording to your DVR / or network video recorder & also Cloud recording: Many manufacturers offer cloud storage - or it can be set up by our IT team should you require
  • Mobile app: The majority of IP CCTV camera’s are accessed primarily through a smartphone/tablet app. which can be set up in moments for the right person to get the right feed. So if you have a team of branch manager that need to be easily set up to ensure they are fed the CCTV images from their store, no problem. We can provide turn key solutions for a range of existing & new CCTV systems
  • Remote assistance
  • Alerts: The security CCTV cameras push notifications to your smartphone when they detect events via a Motion sensor.
  • Night vision - dependent on the CCTV camera model, IR technology can easily be streamed
  • Pan/Tilt/Swivel - again dependent on the camera model. Control can also be routed to the device to allow the user to Pan / Tilt / swivel the cctv camera at the location. Total remote control
  • Wireless - Cameras can be installed to wirelessly transmit & then IP stream exactly like a wired camera.
  • 2 way communication - Currently we are working with MyIPstream to use the latest IP CCTV cameras and HD cctv technology to stream live auction & cattle auction images, buyers can purchase live online while watching the feed.
  • Movement detection - Cameras installed in conjunction with PIR sensors that trigger via movement.

For further details on IP CCTV camera systems and CCTV System design talk to Michael Murray on: 086 255 2625 - Costing out a planned building design we can estimate from drawings and provide to a given spec. and project requirement if your scope of works details the CCTV equipment and infrastructure required. Also contact us to discuss the best solution for CCTV camera coverage and recording for an existing or planned building anywhere in Ireland.

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CCTV repair Services & CCTV camera upgrades

Communications design have been servicing & repairing CCTV systems xnationwide for decades. All types, makes & models of CCTV system can be repaired or upgraded. Many companies that sold and installed complex CCTV systems are now gone due to the recession, this leaves clients and building owners with maintenance issues. Comm Design & Midland CCTV sales are a phone call away with excellent technical support & fast turn around time on CCTV repair, CCTV maintenance, CCTV upgrades.
Our Nationwide services include
  • cctv repair service
  • cctv camera repair
  • cctv dvr repair
  • cctv maintenance packages
  • cctv maintenance - one off repair call
  • cctv system upgrade
  • cctv repairs Dublin
  • cctv repairs Galway
  • cctv repairs Limerick
  • cctv repairs Cork
  • cctv repairs Sligo
  • cctv repairs Ireland

For further details on CCTV repair services :Contact Communications design & Midland CCTV Sales repair services
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We also offer a range of superb monitoring solutions from leading providers such as Netwatch, G4S, RE:SURE to lower your costs while keeping your location secure with the best CCTV systems & CCTV System design. Call today for advice & no obligation quotation.

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