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COMMUNICATIONS DESIGN - We can offer a complete communication securtiy equipment solution to compliment any security network. We have the latest advancements in twoway radio technology from a wide range of manufacturers. Coupled with 30 years of experince in professional two way radios, portable and hand held radio communications & the best in CCTV security systems we are positioned to meet your companies requirements with turn key solutions for every working environment or event.

Two way radios Ireland

Our range of two way radio equipment is available for short term hire - long term hire - lease - sales and event hire to meet the needs of companies, clubs & authorities for a wide range of events such as car rally's, cycle races, concerts, festivals and shows.
We stock a full range of 2 way radio equipment and accessories (radio headset, radio earpiece, professional two way radios) from a wide range of popular brands such as: Kenwood, Hytera, Motorola, Peltor and more.
Many considerations are involved for the smooth running of an event and communications through two way radios is paramount to ensure staff and security are recieving information as and when they need it. The first step when you contact Communication design is our professional security consultancy and advice to provide a designed radio communication & security solution tailored to your event , organization or business. This is all taken in hand by our expert security consultant Michael Murray ensuring no matter where your two way radio provision is in Ireland, everything from the hand held radios to the radio frequency licence is in place for the event.

Two way radio equipment from Kenwood - Motorola - Hytera Digital radio - Hytera radio - Peltor includes the following :


    Range of portable radios | hand held radios for short or long term radio hire & event hire

    Range of Mobile radios for short or long term radio hire & event two way radio hire

    full range of commercial, professional two way and airband radio available - we can align radios and frequencies, service and repair two ways

    We can provide access to repeater facilites covering most of Ireland - saving your company on mobiles & telecom bills

    Clubs, companies, security providers, building contractors & local authorities

    Rallies, car and motorcycle races, music events, concerts, festivals, Security personel radios

    Kenwood - Motorola - Hytera - Peltor -

Two way radios Ireland | two way radio in Dublin - Galway - Sligo | Sales & hire of 2 way radios handheld two way radios | Crane radios | Banksman radios | professional two way radios from Kenwood - Motorola - Tait - Cobra - Peltor

For further details on two way radio solutions in Ireland or a demonstration of any of wide range of security systems call or email us today:
or phone - Michael Murray on: 0862552625

- Two Way radio communications | Sales & Hire -

We are the no.1 supplier for all events in Ireland for Two Way Radio sales & short term hire or long term hire.
All special events, concerts, rallies, races that require set up and use of our 2 way radio communications for short term hire at CDL we have the experince and offer consultancy for two way radios in Ireland.
We have supplied many major events over the years with top quality hand held radio & portable twoway radio systems.
Medium and Long term hire for radio systems is also available for all your business security management and commercial equipment requirements. This allows tailored radio hire packages to suit Construction companies for on site communication and Crane - Banksman two way radio needs.

- Twoway radio sales Ireland

  • The leading supplier of 2 way radios and 2 way accessories in Ireland
  • Kenwood
  • Peltor Communications
  • Hytera two way radio
  • Motorola radio

Twoway radio hire | Twoway radio lease Ireland

Check out our extensive range of two way radio and walkie talkie products, available for short term hire and long term rental. Delivered next day to any location from our base in the Midlands, our leading brand equipment reaches you fully serviced, fully operational, and to your complete satisfaction.
Hand held Portables
All radios come fully licensed*(Dept. Of Communications), programmed and charged, complete with batteries (plus spares), belt clips, and chargers.
2 way radio equipment also available - radio headsets, radio earpiece & much much more.

2 Way Radio Networks

  • CDL can configure a variety of radio networks to suit your requirement, ranging from basic repeater systems to 16 channel trunked modules.
  • CDL take pride in our ability to customise any 2-way radio system. Since we are not affiliated with any single manufacturer, we can design equipment capabilities and pricing to meet customers' specifications.
  • CDL have designed bespoke systems for a diverse portfolio of clients, ranging from the Nissan Classic cycle race to large construction sites & motorway construction projects.
  • Every network design is different. Geographical (and man-made) obstacles can have a profound effect on your two-way radio network, which is why we don't just supply equipment; we design robust radio networks that you can rely on. Dependable solutions that you do not need to worry about as you run your event.

Radio communications equipment sales - hire - rental
2 way radio accessories | 2 way radio batteries | handsets & headsets - All two way radio systems complete
Two way radio headsets | two way radio portable handheld | walkie talkie radios
Kenwood 2 way radio - authorised Kenwood dealer

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