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Avigilon Security Cameras

We supply and install Avigilon CCTV cameras. Contact Michael on 086 2552625 to arrange a FREE consultation & demonstration.

avigilon h4a bullet camera

H4A Bullet Cameras

Available from 1 MP to 4K Ultra HD resolution, the H4 Bullet cameras provide maximum coverage for seeing activity in complete darkness.

avigilon h4a dome camera

H4A Dome Cameras

Avigilon H4 Dome cameras provide high image detail in a range of settings such as offices, hallways and building entrances.

avigilon h4a box camera

H4A Box Cameras

Available from 1 MP to 4K Ultra HD resolution, the H4 Box cameras feature an integrated lens with remote focus and zoom control and are ONVIF compliant for no-hassle integration.

avigilon h4a mini dome camera

H4 Mini-Dome Cameras

The H4 Mini Dome is the smallest and most discreet H4 platform camera, ideal for space constrained applications requiring a minimal footprint surveillance camera.

avigilon h4a pan tilt zoom camera

H4 Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras

Combining Powerful, High-Speed Tracking with 360º Coverage. The H4 PTZ camera line is available in 1 and 2 megapixel (MP) camera resolutions with indoor/outdoor pendant and in-ceiling mounts.

avigilon h4a thermal camera

H4 Thermal Cameras

Operating beyond the visible spectrum, H4 Thermal cameras are designed to detect the movement of people and vehicles even in areas with poor visibility, challenging lighting conditions, absolute darkness, and partly camouflaged scenes without the need for additional light sources.

Avigilon HD Dome Camera | East Texas Medical Center Footage

Watch to see which Avigilon cameras were prescribed to enhance patient and staff safety for East Texas Medical Center’s 9-hospital network.