CCTV Systems

We provide a CCTV sales & CCTV installation service to clients in Dublin, Galway, Sligo, Leitrim, Cavan, Longford, Roscommon, Offaly, Westmeath, Meath, Kildare, and elsewhere. We provide a wide range of tailored CCTV security camera surveillance solutions to suit your businesses needs.

We also provide specialist requirements including:

Leading Brands

We supply an award winning range of HD Security cameras  for both internal and external applications.

We stock a wide range of Avigilon security cameras including bullet cameras, dome cameras, box cameras, ptz cameras and thermal cameras.


Hanwha Vision

We stock Milesight security cameras including bullet cameras, dome cameras, box cameras, ptz cameras and thermal cameras.


HD CCTV Cameras

HD surveillance & security cameras provide superior image quality, faster response, indisputable evidence.

Tailored CCTV System Design

A professional CCTV system is not something that you can buy off the shelf or on the internet, that’s why we pride  ourselves in system design to suit each individual application and budget.

CCTV Camera Installation

We provide a quality CCTV installation service. Your security system is of vital importance in protecting your assets, staff and customers and in fighting fraud and false insurance claims. Make sure it’s installed correctly.

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Our Products

Dome Cameras

Normally used for internal applications they are available with and without IR (night vision) capability.

360 deg Cameras

Those are excellent for giving an overview of a large shop floor or warehouse , normally used in conjunction fixed cameras in key areas.

Bullet Cameras

Their normal application is for outdoor use, available in various lens options to suite required views and always have built in IR for night vision.

PTZ ( pan tilt & zoom)

This model is indented to be used by an operator e.g. a security guard on an industrial estate using a joy stick to control the camera. We do not recommend a PTZ in normal systems.

Specialised Cameras

The Dahua range are available in fixed and Varifocal Lens options, and also include an ANPR version with easy to use software.

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Those are available in hand held and fixed units.

Cameras with in built Video Analytics

Those cameras are mostly used on monitored sites.

Recording options

All video images are recorded to a device known as a NVR (network video recorder) or a server in larger commercial installations, the standard recording period is thirty days, incidents are easily backed up to an external device or saved or bookmarked in the case of a server.

Avigilon HD Dome Camera | East Texas Medical Center Footage

Watch to see which Avigilon cameras were prescribed to enhance patient and staff safety for East Texas Medical Center’s 9-hospital network.



With no power required on your site our fully portable Smart ECO Tower CCTV solution can be rapidly deployed ANYWHERE. Recording activity 24 hours a day, it provides a live video detection & verification feed directly to our own monitoring centre. When a CCTV video alarm is activated by someone moving in front of any of the tower cameras our controllers will view your site or premises live to verify any obvious risk to your property or equipment.

smart eco tower cctv monitoring