Till Scan CCTV & Till Scan Systems

Till scan technology links the till / cash register to the CCTV system at your business premises providing staff fraud protection. All till /cash register transactions are digitally recorded on the stock / till system hard drive in detail including the item description and price. The till scan CCTV system relays the detailed information of each till transaction to the CCTV system. The Till Scan CCTV camera records actions of the staff member during the till transaction.

The main types of retail till fraud and cash register fraud that our till scan system can help the business owner curtail are: Sweethearting, No Sales/Void, Returns and Refunds & Substitute Scanning at the till.

Types of Till fraud & Retail Fraud a Till scan CCTV cash register interface can help with:


An accomplice (‘sweetheart’) presents expensive items for purchase at a cash register. The till operator rings up all the items – but rings up a lower price than the real prices, or the till operator fails to ring up the expensive item altogether. This will show up on your bottom line later as ‘stock shrinkage’.

No Sales/Void

‘No sales’ purchases accumulate a cash surplus in the till, which is then removed by the end of the shift by an employee. ‘No sales would normally be checked by management, routinely and in particular towards the end of a shift. It is not always the case with over loaded management time or at busy periods and this presents the till staff the opportunity they are looking for. Void till purchases are similar with the staff member removing the cash from the Till before the end of shift.

Returns and Refunds

Items of stock are removed from the shelves in a food store and presented to the till for refund. Cash is paid to an accomplice (sweetheart) or to the till operator.

Substitute Scanning

Where tills and checkouts are equipped with bar-code scanning, the till operator passes two items over the scanning device at one time so that only one lower value item is recorded.

Our Till Scan CCTV systems & cash register CCTV interface will provide the business owner or management with the evidence of these types of Till fraud. Contact Michael Murray on 086 2552625 for a demonstration of this CCTV cash register interface technology & find out about the benefits to the retailer.