RE:Sure 24 hour CCTV & Alarm monitoring service Ireland

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We act before the damage is done

Midland CCTV monitoring service solution in association with Re:Sure Ireland

Through the use of our Intelligent CCTV monitoring services & CCTV Detection Systems, RE:SURE monitoring station will be alerted as soon as someone crosses your perimeter into your property. A CCTV monitoring service offers immediate preemptive intervention through real-time audio challenges, any would-be criminal will flee your premises instantly. CCTV Monitoring & alarm monitoring services are proven to keep repeat crime at bay and prevent property damage. A wide range of CCTV monitoring services are available in Ireland so to ensure your not over paying for your CCTV monitoring costs talk to our monitoring service specialist – Michael Murray. Our CCTV monitoring service site survey will ascertain that your current security camera system will integrate with the 24 Hour security camera monitoring service provided by RE Sure. This CCTV monitoring service is available across Ireland for single site / premises or also multi-site monitoring.

Reinventing safe for you and your property

Midland CCTV present RE:SURE Intelligent alarm monitoring services Ireland.

Our Alarm monitoring service will ensure any intruder will be detected as soon as they set foot on your property, and before they get into your business premises or home. A wide range of alarm monitoring services are available on the market today in Ireland. How do you make sure your getting a quality alarm  monitoring service for the best cost ? – Talk to our monitoring service expert – We can provide unbiased advice to make sure your not over paying for your alarm monitoring service price.

You can rest assured that our alarm monitoring services will detect a criminal before they get into your home, which means your privacy will not be violated and your family and possessions will be safe. Midland CCTV offer bespoke solutions for alarm monitoring service of intruder /  burglar alarms with 24 hour cover and reduced cost in comparison to Phone watch alarm monitoring service.

Plug and Play. Protection Reassured

Contact Midland CCTV to assess the best monitoring service solution for your CCTV system.

Midland CCTV can provide CCTV hardware and software systems to enable the RE:Sure 24 hour CCTV monitoring service intergrates with your current security camera set up & also provides a CCTV monitoring service that allows direct connectivity to key holders with our phone APP

If you already have a record-only CCTV system, we can quickly convert it into a sophisticated preventative CCTV security system that will actively protect your property through our 24 hour CCTV monitoring service. If you don’t already have CCTV, we can provide & design a bespoke solution for your property. Our range of security cameras are from Avigilon & Grundig and all CCTV installations nationwide in Ireland are carried out by our  PSA registered & Licensed security equipment installation team.

Contact Michael Murray on 086 – 2552625 to organize a no obligation consultation and site survey for CCTV monitoring services in Ireland. We will assess the best options to secure your premises and provide 24 hour CCTV monitoring services from RE:Sure that offers value for money and outstanding protection.
Either way, you will have a CCTV monitoring system that doesn’t just record the crime, but stops it from happening in the first place.

Understanding the value of peace of mind

At Midland CCTV Sales we understand the cost of a break in also includes the time required to deal with the police, the insurance company and fixing the damage that has been done. Our Alarm monitoring services Ireland & CCTV monitoring services provide peace of mind to our clients in all sectors. Our monitoring services costs provide the best value for money whether for single site monitoring services or multi site monitoring services solutions.

We can ensure the greatest peace of mind by monitoring your property with our alarm monitoring service before damage or theft has taken place, allowing so you can concentrate on your business as we concentrate on your security.

Contact Midland CCTV Sales by email to see how using RE:Sure 24 hour alarm monitoring service & CCTV monitoring can reduce your security costs by up to 75%

086 – 2552625 


  • Remote CCTV Detection – Using Video Analytics we provide unrivaled perimeter protection and CCTV monitoring services
  • Intruder alarm monitoring service & Fire alarm monitoring service – If your alarm activates, we will know and react immediately
  • Lone Worker Protection – Cost effective solutions to keep you and your staff safe
  • Remote Access Control – Remote Access control gives 24 hr access to your premises at a fraction of the cost of a manned gate access
  • Sensor monitoring – common sensors we monitor are temperature, power supply, moisture, gas and bio hazards

Contact us today to discuss the best 24 hour monitoring option for your business or home –  086 – 2552625