Remote CCTV Video monitoring & Security Alarm monitoring service

Remote CCTV Video Monitoring is the fastest growing sector of the entire security industry. Why?…because it is the ultimate in monitored CCTV security services and monitored alarm systems. The key benefit of security alarm monitoring & CCTV video monitoring is prevention before an incident takes place. Remote CCTV Video Monitoring stops intruders in their tracks BEFORE they get a chance to cause damage or commit any crime saving your company thousands of Euro.

Having a monitored alarm system is like having your very own team of private security guards on site at all times. As soon as an intruder enters your property, their movement is immediately picked up by the CCTV Video Transmission equipment. Within a couple of seconds, one of our monitoring systems service controllers will be issuing a live audio warning to the intruder and will view them leaving your premises via a live video feed in real time. Any intruder not leaving immediately will soon be joined by the Gardai thanks to one of our monitoring system service controllers.

Lone Worker Monitoring, Personal & Vehicle Tracking

Complete Peace of Mind: As well as alerting us to your whereabouts, SmartlinQ actually calls us when you press the panic button. Midland CCTV offers a range of personal tracking, lone worker monitoring, lone worker monitoring systems and vehicle tracking options from Smart Monitoring Ireland.  You can email Midland CCTV with the specifics of the requirement for your lone worker monitoring requirements or vehicle fleet monitoring and we can provide the most cost effective solution for your company to provide live monitoring :

Midland CCTV Sales Ireland have the widest range of lone worker monitoring systems and lone worker monitoring products. You will also have the option of viewing your employees whereabouts from your own laptop or PC including history reports of their movements.  The range of lone worker monitoring products  and vehicle monitoring systems available from Midland CCTV Sales Ireland include:


SmartlinQ  – A slim sized mobile tracker which also acts as a mobile phone. A simple cost effective lone worker monitoring system.


Q-LinQ – All the benefits of the SmartlinQ lone worker monitoring combined with all the benefits of a mobile phone at the same time

Q-LinQ ‘Sonim’– All the benefits of the QlinQ lone worker monitoring in a toughened waterproof housing


Bloq ‘Portable’ – Keep track on anything you like with our portable tracker which can be placed anywhere

Bloq ‘Vehicle’ – Can be installed in any vehicle for tracking

Bloq ‘Pro Vehicle’ – All the benefits of Bloq ‘Vehicle’ but with panic button and two way conversation built in with the control room for emergency

Contact our monitoring systems team on 086- 2552625 for lone worker monitoring , vehicle tracking & alarm monitoring services from Smart monitoring Ireland