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Midland CCTV Sales Ireland have a range of CCTV recording solutions available to match your CCTV system network and CCTV camera system size. Below you will find the most popular recorder systems from Avigilon CCTV with built in future proofing & compatibility with all other CCTV camera systems currently on the market today. We also have a range of NVR video recorders from Grundig CCTV.

Avigilon workstation display - ACC

Avigilon HD Network Video Recorder Workstation

Avigilon Network Video Recorders (NVRs) are ideal for smaller CCTV systems and have Avigilon Control Center preloaded making them easy to integrate into any Avigilon surveillance system.  The Avigilon network video recorder is configured for total performance and reliability and is ideal CCTV Recorder for those needing to view live and recorded image data directly on the NVR  from up to 64 CCTV cameras. This network video recorder also allows integration of your existing CCTV camera equipment to the CCTV recorder (both analogue CCTV & newer digital IP CCTV).

Network video recorders – CCTV Recorder

Network Video Recorders – Investigating Events in the Avigilon Control Center Client

Avigilon HD Video Recorder

Avigilon’s HD Network Video Recorder CCTV NVR Appliance offers an All-in-one network switch, workstation, server and storage -recording capacity. integrated into a single easy-to-install solution.

The simplified system design provides greatly reduced costs and CCTV installation times that are typically associated with installing a full CCTV security Camera system. An all in one network video recorder – CCTV recorder with hard drive.

The HD Network Video Recorder is powered by Avigilon’s ACC Software. This network video recorder Appliance will support up to 32 Analogue cameras or 8 IP Cameras as standard.  This is a very attractive solution for clients that want to retain some of their existing CCTV Cameras while upgrading a number of cameras to newer IP CCTV & Megapixel Cameras. Keeping the cost of CCTV installation and new CCTV cameras to a budget that is both cost effective and offers the best Security Camera and CCTV Recorder package available on the market today in Ireland.

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Network video recorders for IP Cameras

Monitoring Video in Avigilon control center 5

Getting Started with Avigilon Control Center 5.0 Client

Avigilon HD Network Video Recorder Server

Avigilon Network Video Recorders (NVRs) have Avigilon Control Center preloaded and configured for maximum performance and reliability, making them easy to integrate into any Avigilon surveillance system.
NVR servers come in a standard rack enclosure (2U) and can record data from up to 128 cameras, giving you a scalable solution to meet your growing needs.

This versatile solution can be used as a network video recorder for IP cameras and /or a CCTV recorder with Hard drive.

Network video recorders – CCTV NVR

CCTV recorder 4 Channels Full HD Standalone NVR

CCTV recorder 8 Channels Full HD Standalone NVR

CCTV recorder 16 Channels Full HD Standalone NVR

Grundig Standalone NVR’s

Network Video Recorders (NVRs)

Grundig has launched a new range of CCTV recorder 4 channels, 8 channel and 16 channel, standalone NVR – ‘CCTV recorders with hard drive’, further expanding its comprehensive IP CCTV product portfolio. This range of Network Video Recorders provide both recording and display.

The NVRs detect and auto-configure Grundig IP cameras, the perfect solution when looking for a network video recorder for IP Cameras. A direct IP camera connection and convenient and simple installation to your existing IP camera system.

Combined with preconfigured, pre-set recording modes for each camera, a complete Grundig CCTV system can be set up and commissioned in minutes.

The Display interface of the CCTV recorder makes further system configuration easy and  flexible event activation by motion, alarm, video-loss and system alerts. Standard functionality includes PTZ camera control, , 3 click export for back up to USB drive.
The 4 channel and 8 channel CCTV recorders (NVR) are designed for desk mounting, whilst the 16 channel CCTV recorder (NVR) can be either desk or 19” rack mounted.

CCTV Recorder | CCTV Recorder with hard drive | CCTV Recorder Ireland

CCTV recorder 8 channels | CCTV recorder 16 channels | CCTV NVR

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