entel dn495 two way radio

Entel DN495

Key Features

Practically Unlimited Range
DN400 radios deliver instantaneous PTT calling over national cellular and Wi-Fi networks. For example a radio in Longford can make a one to one or group call to a radio in Dublin. Entel’s multi-network unsteered roaming SIM offers the very best network access and coverage.

Cost Effective
With no need for your own expensive infrastructure, Entel’s simple pricing options are especially attractive when compared to traditional two-way radio systems.

Emergency Features
As standard: DN400 supports Emergency button, Lone-Worker and Man-Down, with automatic transmission of the radio’s GPS location.

17-Hour Battery Endurance
From a single charge, DN400 radios deliver a market-leading battery endurance time of up to 17 hours.

Simple to Advanced
DN400 radio configuration options to suit your needs – from simple push-to-talk (PTT) to incorporating its advanced two-way radio system features.

No License, No Interference!
Operating on national cellular and Wi-Fi networks, we have removed the need for costly radio licenses and risk of channel interference.

For more information email midlandcctvsales@gmail.com or phone Michael at 086 2552625.