Video Analytics appliances

Introducing the Rialto™ analytics appliance
Analytics, with intelligence

Rialto™ A4
Add analytics to any analog camera

The A4 is an all-in-one device that provides a cost-effective way to easily add video analytics to analog video surveillance systems. Analyze and record up to 4 security cameras per unit. The high density, small footprint makes it easy to deploy and scale, and there are no complicated per camera license fees or registration processes. The A4 is a fast and easy way to add realtime response capabilities to any analog video surveillance system. For more information contact Security consult – 086 255 2625

Rialto™ R-Series
IP and analog flexibility

Get powerful prevention from virtually any new or existing analog or IP surveillance system with the R-Series. The R-Series is a rack-mounted appliance for higher density deployments that includes advanced video analytics, on-board storage and unified event management. Future proof deployments with the R-Series’ flexible blade design which supports IP or analog cameras and is easily upgradable as technology and security requirements change. Get full details & more information contact Security consult – 086 255 2625