Is your workplace safe?

Do you have you all the necessary procedures in place to ensure that your workplace is safe. Safe for the people who work there and safe for visitors and customers. HSA figures in 2016 again make for disturbing reading with 44 fatalities recorded across the various sectors.

Are there enough measures in place to observe,for example, that machine operatives are not taking risks? In my opinion, potentially dangerous areas should be monitored and recorded on CCTV so that you, as the person in a company responsible for health and safety can keep a watchful eye on staff. By doing this, you could possibly prevent an accident, and in the unfortunate event of an accident, lessons cant be learnt of what went wrong from the recorded footage.

Lone workers are particularly vulnerable. Far too often life or limb is lost due to the fact that an employer or colleagues is unaware that a workmate is in serious difficulty. It’s important to know the location of the person and that they are safe.

Technology has the answers. Specifically certain technology when correctly matched with the situation ‘on the ground’ at your premises or environment a number of goals can be achieved that will provide the following benefits:

1. A safe monitored work environment

2. Security against theft of any kind

3. Lower risk factors for insurers and under writers when calculating your premium either off a method statement or site assessment.
Insurance claims in commercial environments are at an all time high in this country at present, both from employees and from customers and visitors to business premises. The importance of high quality HD CCTV cannot be stressed enough. You need to be in a position to prove that you as a business owner have taken all the necessary measures to make yours a safe environment.

4. Productivity gains through identifying better work methods – giving management the answers to why one employee produces more than another one ? – Some staff just have their own system for doing a task / running a machine / operating a work station – and when recorded and demonstrated this can be mirrored to other employees carrying out the same task on a different shift.

5. Communication , Communication , Communication – Until you need to reach staff in an emergency, then you realize tried and tested technology like 2 way UHF radio is something we used not be able to do without. With the onset of mobile phones the radios in some work environments were retired. Two way radio is an essential tool for fire drills, emergency message dissemination & there is less risk of staff checking their Facebook status on a two way radio handset !

6. Systems such as man down on Two Way Radio or smartphone alerts to monitoring stations provide peace of mind 24/7.



Many of our products are plug and play with existing systems and infrastructure so to see how to maximize Safety, Security and standardize facility wide communication contact our Security Consultant Michael Murray to arrange a site visit & get a tailored quality solution that will give you value for money and a technological edge at your work place.

So what should you do? Pick up the phone and talk to Mike Murray for straight forward advice & avail of over 30 years experience in the CCTV & Communications sector. 086 2552625


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