Best construction site two way radio – Kenwood TK-3401DE

Far and above any other 2 way radio or walkie talkie handset the Kenwood TK-3401D has proven to be the best construction site two way radio on the market.
Construction sites are one of the most challenging environments for two-way radio communications and construction two way radio equipment, including signal coverage, ground to crane operator communications, teleporters and various other material handling vehicles and linking numerous trades, subcontractors and security staff in user groups to each other and central management within a network. The requirement for construction grade 2 way radios is reliable, clear and instant communication in extremely noisy, dusty environments, within buildings and in open space whatever the weather, and of course for construction 2 way radio devices to be easy to use, durable and rugged.

The Kenwood TK 3401D Construction grade 2 way radio handset features the latest digital dPMR446 technology for better radio interference protection. It’s easy to switch between digital and analogue modes, with a total of 32 channels (16 digital and 16 analogue).  Midland CCTV Sales have been supplying construction grade two-way radio systems to the construction industry in Ireland for 30 years with equipment proven in use around the world. The Kenwood TK – 3401D two way radio Replaces the very popular TK-3301E model as the best construction site two way radio handset.

  • Replaces the TK-3301E model Construction site walkie talkie radio
  • Operates on the PMR446 License-Free Service in both Digital and Analogue FM modes.
  • 32 Channels pre-programmed with the 8 Analogue Frequencies plus 16 Digital Frequencies
  • “Industrial Strength” Construction site two way radio IP54/55

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